Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 2

The Forge Fire, Lost in the Woods

With the bustle of towsfolk filling buckets, and forming a bucket brigade I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried to grab a bucket to help, but one of the townsfolk shoved me to the ground and threw pond water at me. It was Misses Nelson and she looked at me with such anger, all I could do was stare at her angry, wrinkled face a moment.

Hissing at me, she pointed an accusing finger at me. “YOU! You brought this curse upon us! We don’t need YOUR KIND helping us witch! Go home before your hexes cause more damage than they already have and never come back!”

I wanted to tell her I didn’t do anything, but all that came out were tears. The elderly woman filled another bucket and rushed to the fire, leaving me in a mud puddle. Tender hands lifted me to my feet, and I saw that it was Mister Miner, the owner of the gem shop. Brushing the mud off my dress, he handed me a bucket and told me to fill the bucket with water and run to the forge. He told me not to mind the old woman, and that every able hand was needed. I did what he told me, but the bucket was big, and heavy, and I had a hard time carrying it.

I made a few trips but then had to catch my breath. Just then, I saw Aeryn chasing Evander, telling him to stop. Evander did, but not before trying to run into the fire to find Mister Smith. Aeryn and I grabbed Evander and pulled him away. All we could do was stare into the angry flames and hold Evander in my arms as the fire consumed the blacksmith’s shop.

At some point, someone drug us off to the town healers shop where Mister Smith was. He was so quiet, so still, I thought the worse. After a while he breathed shallowly, and I raced out into the waiting room, and curled up in the corner. Eventually Orvani brought us some milk and cookies, but I didn’t have much of an appetite.

It seemed like hours before Misses Smith came to find me. She came to take me home. She said there was nothing she could do for her husband right now, and that he was in the best possible care. When I asked her why she was taking be home, she simply told me she needed to get some fresh air.

The walk through the woods was a long and silent one. Misses Smith’s lantern bobbed behind me, but with my elven eyes, I didn’t need it. Suddenly I stopped mid-stride as a twinge of pain caused to me stumble in my steps- intense pain. Misses Smith put a hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was okay, but I didn’t know how to answer her. I was in pain, I was scared, I felt alone even with Misses Smith next to me. Another shot of pain almost doubled me over, and I realized it for what it was! It was my link with Ma`ud! With all the distractions of the night, I never even noticed he was gone! Calling out his name, I left the game trail and ran as fast as I could to through the woods. I didn’t know where I was going, but I was compelled to run and I did.

I don’t know how long I ran, but eventually I stumbled into a clearing with bobbing lights in it- the Faye. There was a figure kneeling over a ball of fur. No! Ma`ud! I almost hit her with my shock spell before I realized the figure was Aeryn. Rhothus was with her too, and he shouted for me to stop. He told me the fairies had brought them to him, and that he needed help. Misses Smith stumbled into the clearing just then and let out a gasp of surprise.

I don’t really remember much after I picked up Ma`ud. He was beaten within an inch of his life by someone or something, and all I knew was that I had to leave this awful place. While Misses Smith, Aeryn, and Rhothos were off in deep in discussion about something that I could not hear, I simply walked off with Ma`ud bundled in my arms. I remember them calling my name, and stumbling through the woods trying to find me but I didn’t care. I just kept walking. All I knew was that I just needed to get Ma`ud home to mother, and fast.

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