Lilith's Journal: Chapter 1, Entry 1

Daybreak, Gone Fishing

Ma`ud's scratching at my door woke me this morning. It was a beautiful morning, and not one to be squandered staying in bed! I let Ma`ud into my bedroom and all he wanted to do was play! Ma`ud is the only twin-tailed kitsune’ I have ever met, and his energy is limitless. He’s like a puppy, always eager to have fun.

I wanted to play, but I has chores to do, so I shooed him out and got out of my bedclothes. I chose one of my favorite dresses to wear from my wardrobe and got dressed. Mother was cooking eggs in the kitchen when I found her. Giving her a big hug, I sat at the table as she put a dollop of porridge and bacon on my plate.

Ma`ud was under the table begging again where he shouldn’t be so I tried to shoo him away again. Instead the fox-like beast nipped at my big toe. I jumped in surprise and mother saw. She gave me the look, tossed a strip of bacon at the kitsune and pointed a finger at him. “You know better Ma`ud”. It didn’t break his stride at all, and as he wandered out of the kitchen licking his chops, mother joined me at the table.

Later I left for town to meet my friends Aeryn, Evander, and Rothus. I couldn’t find Rhothus at his farm (I walk through his farm field on my way to town), so I went to find Evander. Evander smelled bad. I usually like his sweat smell, but this was… well… like he messed himself in the outhouse. Evander told me that someone left a bucket above the door, and it fell on him. I suspect Billy, Jimmmy, and Timmy, the three boys in town that always bully me, but I couldn’t say.

I guess Ma`ud found Rothus, because a few minutes after I got to Evander’s home, he showed up with my kutsune. Aeryn wasn’t far behind them. I asked Evan if he wanted to go skip rocks down by the pond with Rothus, Aeryn and me. He said he had chores to do. I was just trying to convince him to come when Mister Smith came in.

He gave me an unhappy scowl and asked me “You corrupting my boy again Lilith? I told you I didn’t like your kind spending time with my kin.”

I just hung my head in embarrassment and simply said “Yes Mister Smith”.

I wanted to say something else, because I really like Evander, but I didn’t know what else to say. Aeryn did instead. She is so pretty, and so good with words. She convinced Mister Smith that Evander was working hard and that he should come hang out. At first Mister Smith was not convinced, but then Aeryn smiled at him and did her little dolly dance and Mister Smith finally agreed. He hinted to Evander that he was lucky to have such a nice girl like Aeryn for a friend and that he needed to start thinking about finding someone like her to spend his life with.

I was frustrated, and headed out towards the lake by myself when Rothus offered to help Mister Smith with the forge. He picked up a… hammer thing. Mister Smith snatched it out of his hand and told Rothus he didn’t need his help. He said to be back by dark, and stay out of trouble, so I guess he gave Evander permission to go with us, and even me! Misses Smith gave us a basket of lunch and we headed out.

When we got to the pond, I wanted Evander to hang with me, so I picked out some great skipping rocks for him. I wanted to give them to him, and was just about to when he started to climb a tree! How was I supposed to hang with him when he does that? I was wearing a dress! Sighing, I threw one of the rocks in frustration and it sank like… a rock. Rothus laughed at me and tossed one himself. That one skipped a long ways. He teased me about it, but I wasn’t really trying.

Eventually Rothus caught a fish in his hands. I suggested that we could probably cook it and eat it, but Rothus mentioned that we didn’t have any fire, so I made the leaves spark with my finger. Evander (who finally came down from the stupid tree with twigs for the fire) was going to gut the fish, but no one had a knife so we couldn’t cook it. Rothus shouted at Ma`ud as he stole the fish and ate it. I scolded him for it and he grabbed another fish. That one got away, so we abandoned the idea of eating fish and instead ate Misses Smith’s sandwiches.

Before we knew it, it was getting dark, and we had to be back in the village. Only when we got close, there was a lot of smoke and people running with buckets. We ran to see what was happening, and Rothus dissapeared into the crowd.

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