The Adventures of Rothus, page 29 [D-818]

Inside the wagon of the Oracle:

“Each of you shall return to the Lost Kingdom and restore it to its former glory. The blood of the royal line runs through one of your veins. No! Stones!” spoke the Oracle as she stared with dead eyes into the shining sphere. Suddenly, the crystal went dark and she lifted her eyes to look upon us. She slowly explains that there are a collection of stones that each control some aspect of the world. There is one stone that rules over fire, one rules earth, one rules water and the last of the elemental stones rules the air. There are two other stones, one said to rule over the darkness and a counter that reigns over the light.

It is possible that there is one more stone, said to control the void.

“What is the void?” Lily asks.

“Nothing.” Aeryn answers. The simple truth of it brings everyone to silence.

"They are powerful artifacts. He who controls the stones has ultimate power,” she warns.

Lily suggests that we go to the places where the elements are the strongest to find the stones. The hottest place will have a stone of fire, the ocean will have a stone of water and such. In fact, there is a giant river to the west (which might count as an ocean), and we can breathe under water which means it will be easier than we originally imagined.

Without warning, the crystal ball begins to glow again. “Yes, that makes sense. The four elemental stones are attuned to lands with their elements. I do not know which lands specifically, but you will find fire in the deserts, earth deep in the mountains, water in the seas and air among the clouds. For the light and darkness it does not show,” she transmits to us.

We are to go after the stones, securing them from evil purposes. Yet, we are still much too weak to go trouncing after ultimate power. We must be stronger before we go on this quest. She says there is a smaller, simpler mission that we can complete to hone our skills in battle. Maybe Evan will be able to use this mission as a team-building exercise.

Lily sees that our time with the Oracle is coming to a close. She takes this opportunity to ask about her father. The Oracle says that he was a hero of the people during the time of the Great Wars. His name was Sindarin Elhaim. He has not been seen in nearly ten years. Lily then asks what happened to the other Elves. "No one knows for sure. Some say they are all dead, others say they are in hiding, but no one knows what they are hiding from," answers the Oracle.

Aeryn asks why her parents' murderer left her alive, but gets no real answer. She also asks who the murderer was, but gets no answer. "I will look into it while you are away," promised the Oracle.

Lily asks why Tarenvale was attacked. "Because your destinies were made clear to someone," comes the cryptic answer. The person who ordered the attack cannot be scryed, as he or she is shroud in darkness. From this we know they are very powerful and probably not a good person. Not encouraging.

"I think that our time has come to an end. You had better prepare for tomorrow as you will begin your work for the camp," the Oracle said. With that, Evan, Aeryn, Travis and I go off to Joachim's tent to get a briefing on our first assignment. It will be hard to concentrate on the job at-hand with thoughts of destiny floating in my head. Why can't we search for the stones right now? No one can guess who might reach them while we dawdle here building skills.

Lily stays behind with the Oracle a while longer. When she finally exits the wagon, Aeryn rushes after her. Lily has tears in her eyes as she heads off to the forest. Aeryn follows after, but cannot get Lily to come back to camp.

Failing to collect Lily, Aeryn rejoins the rest of us in Joachim's tent. He then informs us that they have the location of a certain item. It is a bracelet. It's properties are unknown, but it is definitely magical. We are to bring back the bracelet and five percent of the incidental loot we find (read: stuff off of the people we kill). He says that we are to go to the mountain range many days to the south. It will takes us about four days to travel one way. He suggests we head out tomorrow morning if we are to make good time.

With that news, we spend the rest of the evening preparing to leave camp again.

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