The Adventures of Rothus, page 30 [D-819]

The camp of the Oracle, the next day:

Lily returned to the camp at some point, looking really messed up. She always spends a lot of time on her appearance, but this morning it looks like she spent none! As the sun slowly pulls itself over the horizon, Lily repeats, “Let’s go! Let’s get going!”

Prodded by the words, we prepare our equipment. Since we’ll have to navigate the mountains, it seems fitting to grab climbing kits before we venture off. There are enough available so that we each take one.

It takes a moment to figure out which way is south, but Travis gets us oriented and we start off. Our pace is casual and we keep an ear out for more lizardmen. Who knows if they’ll be looking for revenge. I don’t hear any lizardmen and that's a good sign. Lily runs ahead shouting, “Let’s get on with it!” while Travis and Evan chase after. I can't run nearly as fast! All the jogging makes my pack poke at my ribs on the left. If I walk it doesn’t do it, so I’d rather slow down and not worry about it. Luckily, Tyler slows down to walk with me.

“Why do we have to hurry, Lily?” asks Evan.

“We just have to keep moving,” answers Lily. She tries to keep up her speed, but her body finally rebels. The lead group stop to rest so that Travis and I can catch up. Lily keeps insisting that we hurry, but wont give us an explanation! Her complaints get on my nerves, so I readjust my pack to see if it will stop jabbing into my ribs when I hustle. I think it was my journal that was doing the jabbing, so I moved it higher in the pack and tried again. Okay, now I guess I can keep a higher speed and stay with the rest of the group.

We stop for a rest to catch our breaths. Aeryn refills any empty waterskins with a prayer to Desna. Ya know, I wish I had the power to summon things like that just by saying, “Desna, I’m thirsty. Can you get me something to drink?” or “Erastil, make me a sandwich. Pronto!” Well, whatever, I guess it is enough to have Aeryn around, since she can do it on my behalf.

As we stand up to get moving again, it begins raining lightly. It’s no big deal so we keep going, hoping it will pass. The rain gets heavier and we start to get drenched. Travis says, “Guys, we should wait for the rain to pass. It’ll be easier to just continue after the rain is done.” He begins to build a shelter and some of us go to assist him. Evan, as the leader, gets the tent. Actually, it’s because he is the only one strong enough to think that a tent is really light.

We chat a little bit, but you know how it is when you’ve talked to someone so much that you just don’t know what else can be said? Yeah, there’s just nothing else for idle chatter anymore. Though, it would be nice if we could roll some dice. I don’t have a set of my own, so maybe I can make some!

Erastil, make me some dice! Or at least guide me to some good wood that I can carve.

Lily tries to continue on without us. She quickly grows weary and sits under a fallen tree which doesn’t shelter her from the rain. The storm continues for a long while. I guess we should take some lunch. Travis walks over to where Lily is sitting and waves his arms about. Lily eventually succumbs to the arm waving and sits next to the rest of us. Ma'ud comes over too and shakes himself dry, soaking us all! What’s the point of sitting under the shelter if Ma’ud is just going to bring the rain to us anyway?

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