The Adventures of Rothus, page 31, [D-819]

Makeshift shelter, outside the camp of the Oracle:

Travis tries to figure out why Lily is in such a mopey mood. She says, “The Oracle warned me of a darkness within me, that might cause me to turn on all of you.” She explains that her family is cursed and she will eventually betray us!

“When is this going to happen exactly? Will it happen soon or several decade from now?” I ask, nervously.

“I dunno how long half-elves live,” she answers, sadly.

Something is going to cause her to betray us. Ahhh, yeah. What are we going to do about that? She says her father looked for the stones of power in hopes of finding a way to break the curse but did not get the stones.

Tyler wanders off into the rain pissed that Lily is going to betray us. I call over the stone, “Come back under the shelter, Tyler.”

He responds to me, “Ever since that witch broke my heart I knew she was going to betray us!”

Travis and I talk to Lily, trying to get her to not worry as much about her inevitable betrayal. She says that her father disappeared in a veil of darkness while hunting the Stone of Earth, which means he might still be alive. No one saw his corpse, anyway. We try and cheer her up, but it doesn't work and so she gets up and walks out into the rain, too.

Some minutes pass and neithe Tyler or Lily have returned. I call Tyler on the stone of communication and tell him to come back here and play some music for me. He says that he's lost in the woods with Lily. I guess they met up once they were out of our sight. “Where is the camp?” Tyler asks.

“It's right here!” I answer over the stone.

“Big help,” says Tyler sarcastically. I want to signal to them where the camp is. I don't have any way to start a fire in this storm, nor do I have anything that can make any loud noises. I call Evan on the stone and ask him if he has a light source or musical instruments. He is confused by my question. I explain that Tyler and Lily are lost and can't find the camp. We don't know what to do, so I try and guide Tyler over the stone, “Are you by any trees?”

“Yeah, we’re surrounded by them,” he answers.

“Good, that means you’re still in the forest,” I say.

“We found a birch tree,” Lily says, trying to be helpful. I look around. Our camp is surrounded by birch trees. We don’t know the terrain in good weather, much less in the rain. Evan and I sit there waiting for a great idea to present itself, but are disappointed.

After a bit, Ma'ud walks back into camp. Lily and Tyler follow after, shivering. “We gotta kill one first!” Lily shouts.

“Dear Erastil! She's going to betray us now!” I warn to the party.

“I'm not going to do it now!” she says in her defense, with a scowl t me.

“We can get a head later!” she says to Ma'ud.

“What exactly is going on here?!” Evan demands. “I obviously missed something, people need to explain to me what happened.”

“Lily is going to betray us,” someone says. When Evan gives everyone quizzical look, we explain to him about Lily’s curse and how her father sought the stones as well. Lily also explains that when she said she was going to kill something, it had to do with goblins, not us.During the conversation, Lily uses magic to start a fire. Tyler and her sit close, to the flames, hoping that the warmth will dry them out. We pass the time until the storm is gone.

Once the rain breaks, we break camp and move toward the mountains. “C'mon guys. I want to get back before Dalton leaves the camp of the oracle!” Lily goads.

“Wait, Dalton's in town?! Okay, let's hurry!” we say.

We march on, trying to make up for lot time, until we collapse from exhaustion. We set up a new camp and sleep the night away.

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