The Adventures of Rothus, page 32 [D-820]

Forest, heading toward the southern mountains:

I wake up early for fourth-watch duty and let Tyler fall asleep. Now that the rain has had chance to dry, and I’ve got some time to myself, I start to carve those dice I was thinking about earlier. Then, when it gets boring, we can gamble! Later I'll craft some special dice so I can gamble with enemies.

Eventually, everyone else awakes and gets ready for travel. After walking a ways, the trees part, marking the edge of the forest. It opens up to show us a huge prairie, with mountains in the distance. We are upon them already! They can't be more than a day away, by now! We are making great time. We’ll just cut through this grass and we’ll be there.

Evan asks if there are supposed to be more animals around, as we see and hear none at all except Ma'ud. Huh, that is odd. Travis confirms that something is strange. Evan calls for the spellcasters to check for dark magic that might be keeping animals away. Travis looks up, with an ominous look on his face. He points to a huge shape of a bird. Very huge. It looks as big as an eagle close-by, but it is circling the distant mountains!

“It's a silver dragon!” Aeryn shouts. Half the team dives to the ground, seeking cover in the short grass. Lily explains it is a good dragon, whatever that means. Travis points out that we look to be the only prey in this valley regardless of whether or not it is a “good” dragon. But both Aeryn and Tyler speak Draconic, so I hope we'll be fine.

While everyone stares at the dragon, I suddenly realize that it is staring right back! “Spread out! It's coming for us!” I warn to the team. I step away from the rest of the team and we all agree to wait for it to arrive. Ma'ud runs past us back into the forest. He is nothing but a cowardly blur. The dragon reaches us and circles overhead. Aeryn says it doesn't look like it is going to eat us, but it is still descending! The moment of truth is coming! Tyler says that dragons eat people who steal daggers and then he looks straight at me. I guess he's referring to the time I won his dagger in a gamble. Well, better safe than sorry, I immediately toss his dagger back to him and look again at the approaching dragon.

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