The Adventures of Rothus, page 33 [D-820]

Prairie at the base of the mountains:

The dragon shakes the earth as it lands. It takes a moment to settle and looks at each of us, one by one. “Rrrrrerrrarrrerrrrrgrrrrer?” it roars.

“RrerrrreerrrgrrrrrdrrrrrarrrrerrrJoachimrerrrrrarorrrrrrrirrrurr,” replies Tyler. I hope that's Draconic, or whatever. The Dragon replies by smelling us. That’s not comforting a all.

Aeryn says, “He smells the blood of royalty.” He can smell blood?! Ewww!

Tyler and Aeryn speak to the silver titan for a while. Lily asks in Common about the blood of royalty.

“Tarenvale...” it says in response to something Aeryn asks. That's highly peculiar. Why does it know about our home?

Lily asks it to speak to us in Common. “Very well,” it says.

Lily asks, “Are you Silver Wing?”

The silver-scaled beast ponders for a long time, does not give a response. She asks again saying that Silver Wing is from legends. He says, “My name is Iregor.”

Evan asks, “Do you know about the Stones of Power?”

Iregor answers, “Many have searched before you. Many will search after you.” Is it really our destiny to find the stones? Maybe the Oracle has lied to us. That would be really bad, since we have to trust her and Joachim for so much.

We converse for a long while. Iregor does not like Dalton, but says that we can trust Roran. Weird, I thought of them as one and the same to trust one is to trust both. We ask him about Dalton and he says that Dalton will die soon, by his own doing. Tyler changes the conversation back into Draconic, cutting half the party out. Eventually Lily says in common, “You say that Dalton threatens the end of the world. Why would you say that?” Wait, Dalton threatens the end of the world?! That's not good at all.

Then Evan thinks aloud, “Why would Joachim send us to the mountains to retrieve a bracelet, yet fail to mention that a DRAGON blocks the way?” Good question. No one has an answer for him.

Lily wants to hurry on to just get the bracelet, but Travis is suddenly in doubt, “What if the dragon is right and everything we knew was a lie? We had that run-in with changelings, what if this is like when we found Tyler's parents in the closet?!” That would mean the Oracle, Dalton, Joachim and others all lied to us, or at least are hiding something.


What if everyone in the camp of the Oracle is a changeling?


My head just exploded.

Evan reminds us that the Oracle says it is our destiny to restore the lost kingdom to it's former glory. That perks up Iregor's ears. “The lost kingdom. It is far from here, across the great river.” It might be close to Tarenvale! Iregor says Tarenvale used to be the Kingdom of Terra. We should explore the area west of Tarenvale, in the region of the Dragon's Teeth, if we want to find more information.

But, Evan brings us back to the matter at hand. “May we search your mountains for the bracelet?”

“Yes, I do not own the bracelet you described. You may search for it as you please,” Iregor responds.

Tyler kneels in front of the dragon, asking it to help us more directly. The problem is that there is no service we can provide to the dragon that he cannot provide to himself. We cannot trade with him, as all we own is worthless. He tells us that the upper levels are his domain and we are to stay out, but we are free to explore the lower levels. Then he lifts off.

I guess that went well. We are free to grab the bracelet and the dragon has already kindly eaten the predators in this area. We watch Iregor circles a few times. On the third pass, he dives towards us! His claws reach out and pick up all six of us! Maybe negotiations didn’t go as well as I had hoped!

As we rise above the valley, everything looks tiny. We soar for an hour and descend as we get close. Iregor does not come to a stop, but drops us in flight. we roll several yards and come to a stop. I stand trying to clear out the dizziness. “Well, we're here,” Evan points out. “Does anyone see an entrance?”

“Like that one over there?” Tyler points to a large cave entrance.

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