The Adventures of Rothus, page 34 [D-820]

Mountains of Iregor, cave entrance:

We all stare at the cave entrance for several heart-beats. This is a defining moment in the quest, when we choose to wander into the untold billions of pounds of rock, just praying that it does not collapse upon us.

As the sneakiest, I enter the cave alone. No need for the noisy guys to attract attention of anyone down here. The cave is obviously carved, as the stairs are regular and smooth. I descend about 75 feet and can just barely see what appears to be the bottom step. Joachim said that our amulets would allow us to see through about 60 feet of darkness, so I imagine there are about 135 feet of stairs.

I climb back up the steps and report to Evan. Lily suddenly notices something in the distance behind us. She points out Ma’ud leaping through the plains, being chased by a plant?! He is still a long ways off. Should we just wait for him? How long will that take? Lily launches up a yellow flash of light, I think to signal Ma’ud to our location. The fox makes a slight correction in his direction so that he is now coming straight for us.

Everyone, except me, descends the mountain slope to meet Ma`ud half way in the plains. I don’t want to walk all the way down there, only to walk all the way back up! So I stay up on the slope, hiding in the cave entrance. Evan warns me that I’ll be all alone, but I think it’ll be okay. Nothing can see me here in the shadows. Plus, it will give me some time to work on these dice I want to complete.

The plant following Ma’ud is a human with green hair. She tried to feed him. They keep an eye out for the plant/person which immediately drops down into the grass. Evan approaches, confronts it. She asks about a two-tailed fox. Evan calls for Travis to stand down. They interrogate the stranger. Her name is Lotech.

I hear someone come up the hill, so I load and level my crossbow. Evan leads the expected group over the crest so that they come into my view.

“Halt!” I order.

They ignore me. Completely.

Well, they look unharmed, and they are getting along well enough with the plant from the plains, who actually looks to be a woman. As I lower my crossbow, I see she has an amulet identical to ours. Curious... I wonder if it imbues her with greater sight and water breathing?

Evan tells me that her name is Lotech and that she met Ma’ud in the forest. She seems to be friendly enough, even tried to give Ma’ud some of her food. Well, if Evan trusts her, I can give her the benefit of the doubt.

I re-descend into the cave, but this time with the party following behind. It is a damp cave, feels icky. It occurs to me that this cave is possibly of some value to someone and they may have left some traps for wayward intruders like us. I check the bottom the stairs, but find no triggers or dangers.

We continue on.

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