The Adventures of Rothus, page 35 [D-820]

Mountains of Iregor, the cave:

The entry hall leads into many other hallways or rooms. Lotech starts up a conversation about how easily it would be for her and possible allies to attack us. It’s a bit unnerving, actually.

“Has she been talking like this for the whole time you escorted her up here?!” I ask.

“Yeah,” Evan answers. Erastil, save me from my companions! This Lotech lady actively plots our destruction while we are right here in front of her, but then plays it off as a joke. Can we trust her? I’ll just have to hope that she doesn’t betray us at the same instant that Lily flips out. To betrayals at once would do us in for sure!

With those pleasant thoughts, I begin walking down the main hall. Travis says the fourth doorway on the left has footprints entering it, maybe we should follow them. The doorway immediately leads to a stairway going down. My recent thoughts of things going horribly wrong remind me that a doorway like this would make a perfect place for a trap. I look for loose stones and arrow slits in the walls. The bottom of the door has a thin string pulled across it! There are also long slits in the ceiling running parallel to the stairway ahead. I warn the party not to go ahead of me.

Hmmm... It looks like if I just loosen this end of the tripwire, I can-- suddenly, from the ceiling swing five huge blades, starting out ahead of me and swooping in toward the main hall. I jump out of the way, saving my skin. With the blades loosed from their home, I doubt the trap can be triggered a second time, especially now that the tripwire is hanging limp. I call the all-clear and step right over the dead string, beginning down the stairs.

On the third step I hear a dreadful click. The blades come back down, this time from the doorway swinging toward the stairs, where I am standing! The last thing I recall is flying through the air, the bottom the the stairway rushing up to greet me.


When I wake up, Aeryn is kneeling over me and smiling.

“So, the trap wasn’t disabled?” I ask.

“Come back up the steps, Rothus,” Aeryn orders. I climb up the steps (avoiding the third from the top) and see Travis laying dead with arrows all over his body! Wait, he is still breathing, thank Erastil. Aeryn goes and kneels down by him. She lays one hand on his chest and one on his head. Then, with a solemn prayer to Desna, her patient takes a huge gasp of air, and opens his eyes with a purpose.

I ask Evan what happened while I was out cold. He says that Travis saw me lying unconscious and thought to rescue me. The tripwire had been reset to its original tautness, so he took his sword and sliced it. *Wince* (That’s not a delicate way to “disable” a trap.) The blades swung down in their original direction as they did the very first time, bit Travis was slow on the jumping out of the way bit. The trap launched him across the main hall and into the opposite doorway, where he proceeded to fall down those steps, setting off a dart trap! Evan had to go down and pull him up, while Aeryn helped me.

This place is much more dangerous than I had thought! From this point forward, we need to progress very carefully. I’ll also have to remember that traps can reset here, going off more than once!

Lotech was not impressed by our team and suggests we go back to the mouth of the cave so we can rest up a bit before continuing on. That sounds like a good idea, actually. I see that Travis did actually cut the tripwire and decide to collect the longer of the remaining lengths. Never know when you’ll need three and a half feet of thin wire! Actually, I just thought of a use.... but Evan would not think well of it.

With that, we go up to the entrance and take a rest.

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