Evander Smith-Destiny Revealed Part the First

Two days had passed since the return to the traveling camp and the passing of the test. During those two days Evander worked on, and created a quarterstaff; a reminder of days long gone, and where he came from. That morning started like most others, though Evander had a mission to accomplish. This day he would work on teamwork so that the failure with the Lizard-men would not be repeated. Though they had lived, Evander viewed what should have been a hard won victory as a defeat. So Evander rolled out of bed, cleaned himself and headed off to breakfast. Afterwards Evander began wandering around the camp looking for his friends, now his subordinates. It wasn’t until noon when he found Aeryn with some freshly cooked fish that he found his friends.

“I’ve been thinking, the fight with the Lizard-men didn’t go smoothly. I was thinking that perhaps we should work on some team building for the next time we’re in a fight,” said Evander.

“You boys can go play with your swords but us girls will have nothing to do with it,” said Lilith.

“How about a team name? Every team has to have a name,” said Aeryn.

“Do we have some one we can practice with?” asked Rothus.

“No, but that is a good idea,” replied Evander. “Now I want to start by trying to figure out what everyone’s role in combat will be,” said Evander.

“I won’t go into melee,” replied Travis quickly.

“Ok, what about everyone else,” asked Evander. Silence greeted him with this question. “Ok then I will go see if I can find help with building up teamwork,” said Evander heading off.

“I’ll help,” volunteered Aeryn joining Evander in his search for teachers. Whilst looking they happened upon Roran.

“Hey Roran,” greeted Aeryn.

“Hello Roran,” said Evander.

“We were wondering if you could act as a barbarian for us to fight,” asked Aeryn before Roran could reply.

“Let me get this straight,” said the slightly confused Roran. “You want Me to scream and run at you while the Six of you attack,” concluded Roran.

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