Evander Smith-Destiny Revealed Part the Second

“Yes,” said Aeryn.

“No,” was Roran's short reply.

“Well can you help us work on our teamwork?” asked Evander.

“Not really, I either work alone or with Dalton,” said Roran.

“Do you know of anyone in camp that can help us work on teamwork?” asked Evander.

“Sorry, I don’t know of anyone in camp like that,” said Roran.

“Alright, well thanks for the help,” said Evander. With that he and Aeryn wandered off. Eventually Aeryn had some important business to take care of and left Evander to his own devices. Evander talked to many people in camp, however, none of them knew of anyone who could help him. Maybe this is a test to see if I’m a worthy leader, thought Evander.

Lost in thought he wandered in front of Joachim’s tent. “Ah Evander, Travis. I have news for you and the rest of your team, could you please gather them?” said Joachim as more of a command then a request. Thinking carefully Evander reached into his pocket and took out the communication stone.

“Rothus, Aeryn, Lilith, Joachim has some thing to tell us, come to his tent,” said Evander.

“Ok,” said Rothus.

“Alright,” said Aeryn.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” said Lilith.

Rothus is the first to show up having been in camp and heading over as soon as he answered.

Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. “Does it usually take girls this long?” asked Evander.

“Yes,” replied Joachim. Aeryn arrived after eleven minutes of waiting. Nineteen point six minutes later Lilith arrives buttoning up her blouse.

“What?” she asks.

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