Evander Smith-Destiny Revealed Part the Fourth

“Let me consult the crystal,” she says. “The stone of fire thou shall find in the deep desert. The stone of earth shall be found deep within the mountains. The stone of water rests deep with in the sees or the oceans. The stone of wind shall be found amongst the clouds themselves,” she says before recovering herself. “Of the light and darkness stones I know not,” she says.

“What of those who attacked our village?” asked Lilith.

“They are obscured by a veil that I cannot pierce,” said the Oracle.

“What about my father then, surely you can tell me about him,” demands Lilith.

“Yes I can child. Your father was an Elf by the name of Sindarin Elhaim. He fought in the Great Wars, and was a hero to the people, however he disappeared ten years ago and no one has seen him since,” said the Oracle.

“What happened to the Elves?” asked Aeryn.

“No one knows. Some say that they died out, others say they went into hiding,” said the Oracle.

“Why would they go into hiding?” asked Travis.

“If we knew that Humans probably would be in hiding as well,” said Evander.

“Why did Ma'ud transform in the forest?” asked Lilith.

“Ma'ud is a Kitsune in the truest sense. No one knows where they get their powers, or how they obtain them,” said Joachim.

“Why did the assassin that killed my parents let me live?” asked Aeryn.

“I will need time to look into that matter for you, for now you had better leave, I sense that Lilith wishes to ask me some questions of a personal nature,” said the Oracle.

“Alright, we should begin planning on how to search for the stones,” says Evander.

“The stones are outside your ability,” said Joachim. “First you need real world experience, come back to my tent and I will tell you of your first mission,” he says leaving the wagon.

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