Evander Smith-Destiny Revealed Part the Last

After the group had taken a few steps from the wagon, Lilith emerges with tears streaming down her face, and begins walking to the woods. Evander wants to say something but senses that Lilith just needs to be alone. Now that I think of it, how much do I actually know about Lily? Evander asks himself. Aeryn runs over to Lilith and exchanges a few words before returning to the group.

“She says she wants to be left alone,” says Aeryn.

“Alright, let’s find out about the mission and we can fill Lily in later,” said Evander. At Joachim’s tent, they learn of the mission they are to under take.

“We have found a certain… item we wish you to retrieve,” said Joachim.

“What is this item?” asks Evander.

“It is a bracelet. You can find it in the mountains to the south. We want you to bring it back so that we can make copies. These copies we can then sell, or give to other adventuring parties,” explained Joachim. “Now the mountains are four days walk from here to the south. I suggest you prepare yourselves for the journey tomorrow and get some rest,” Joachim finished.

“Aye,” said Evander standing and nodding respectfully to Joachim. He spent the rest of the day trying to think how to build teamwork and what adventures lay ahead for him. In the morning he awoke to a exited Lilith ready to move out.

“C’mon guys, hurry. I already packed your things. Lets go!” she said over the stone. When Evander emerged from his tent he saw that Lilith had not slept at all last night, she was wearing the same clothes. Evander packed up his tent and checked over the gear that the camp had given him. They provided grappling hooks and climbing gear. Let’s hope this goes better than the test, thought Evander, a bad feeling beginning to creep into his senses.

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