Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the First

It has been two long years since the flight from Tarenvale. Two years since their world burned. Through there harried flight the group, lead by Roran, made it to the wandering camp. It is here that each received their training, and here that this story once again begins. It was once again approaching harvest festival. The leaves were beginning to change and a pleasant coolness was seeping into the air. Evander had entered his growing phase, over the past two years he had put on two inches. He was beginning to fill out with muscle from all the training; he now stands five feet tall, and weighs one-hundred and twenty pounds. This day began like the days before, Evander awoke before the sun.

Evander went to the ‘Dojo’ as he called the over-sized tent. This tent belonged to Pippin and Judeau. For the past two years the routine had been the same. First he would train in the art of martial combat, break for breakfast, resume training, extended break for lunch, continue his training with the forge, dinner, then relax before going to bed. On this day Evander decided to eat his lunch at the nearby pond, and go for a swim before working the forge.

On the way to the pond he reflected on the last two years. Something had changed inside him since he took up the sword and shield that day. Something dark had taken hold of him for the first few months, along with a fire inside of him. He didn’t take time to grieve for what had been lost, instead he recklessly forged ahead and barely took time to rest. His teachers, realizing this, took time to teach him how to harness his anger and control his emotion. It was not an easy thing to teach, much less to a twelve year-old. However, they succeeded and with that Evander managed to control his anger like a mighty fire that is contained by the forge to smelt metals.

Unlike some of his friends, Evander was not confident of his abilities. For every technique taught, there were two more to learn: the counter and the counters counter. If that was not enough, his blood began to run hot and he began to notice girls. Every time a group of them would look at him and giggle he could feel his cheeks burning, causing them to laugh, and causing his cheeks to burn more. So Evander used the technique his teachers taught him to keep a cool head in battle (because that was what it was at such a young age).

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