Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Second

He then thought on the situation like a smith, analyzing the problem and trying to find a solution. To this end Evander thought the best solution was to keep it simple; he would confront his fears. Much to Evander’s surprise (and Tyler’s envy) he was surprisingly popular with the girls. Tyler went so far as to try to sabotage Evander’s success with lies about girls and cooties. Of course his success did not go unnoticed and Roran had to talk to Evander about the birds and the bees (or in Evander’s case, a sword and its sheath).

This restored some of his confidence, however, he still didn’t know how he would be much help to his companions. Before he knew it he had eaten lunch and was on his way back to the ‘Wandering Camp of the Silent Oracle’ as he thought of his new home. Roran had promised that the Oracle would speak with them about destiny, however, two long years had passed without so much as a word from the Oracle.

That evening Evander had just changed into a set of clean clothes when he was approached by Lilith. “Hey Evander,” she said.

“Hello Lily,” replied Evander.

“Are you free now?”


“Then lets be friends,” she said with a wave of her hand and infusing arcane energy into the words.

“Where already friends,” said Evander slightly confused. That’s when he noticed the Lilith was the most beautiful girl in the whole camp. The way the moon light shown in her hair, and the way her eyes sparkled like stars.

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