Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Sixth

“I said don’t forget the low guard,” said Lilith as the two returned.

“Are you ok Mr. Dalton? Let me tend your wounds,” said Aeryn.

“Its ok, there are those in camp more skilled than you,” said Dalton. “Evander, your ready,” he said simply. Evander just nodded in agreement. “Now I have some things I have to talk to Joachim about,” said Dalton walking away. The group of friends talked with each other excitedly for a few minutes until Dalton returned. When he returned he was holding six pendants.

“Here, you will need these for the test. They will allow you to see in any lighting, and they will allow you to breath in water,” said Dalton. “Now, your task will be to locate this,” said Dalton holding up a piece of parchment.

“Hey, this is a rune of talking,” said Aeryn.

“What does it do?” asked Travis.

“It’s connected to another rune, if you talk into one, then your voice will be heard from the other rune,” explained Tyler.

“Where is this ‘rune’?” asked Lilith.

“Somewhere in the forest,” said Dalton.

“Hey can I see that?” said Rothus.

“Sure,” said Dalton handing over the piece of parchment.

“Hey guys, I found it,” said Rothus. Dalton face palms and shakes his head. “What?” asks Rothus innocently.

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