Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Fourth

“Ok, now both of you pose for me so I can see how they look,” said Lilith. Rothus just stands still, Evander flexes his muscles. The dress puts up a valiant fight, however it is no match and the upper part is shredded as seams burst trying to contain the muscle. Evander is now wearing a very pretty kilt. “Evander what have you done? Do you know how hard I worked on this dress?” Lilith says as she looks in horror at the ruined dress.

When she looks like that I want to be her shining knight and rescue her, is Evander's first thought. The second, less elegant thought is said aloud manifesting as, “You’re not supposed to flex in dresses?”

“Girls don’t flex! Look, just take it off and go. I’m going to have to spend all night fixing it,” said Lilith.

“Is there any thing I can…” Evander tried to finish before Lilith cut him off.

“Just go,” she said. So Evander changed back into his normal clothes before heading back out. The bards and Tyler gave a wonderful performance, to which Evander danced until it was time to sleep. The next morning was like any other morning. Evander went to the ‘Dojo’ to train, and then it’s time to eat breakfast.

“You spend way to much time with that bow,” said Evander to Travis. Even though it was breakfast, Travis was lovingly caressing his bow.

“No I don’t,” said Travis defensively. While Evander and Travis were having their conversation, Dalton walked up to the friends.

“Mister Dalton, it’s good to see you,” said Lilith warmly.

“What news do you have from town?” asked Tyler concerned about home.

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