Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Tenth

Lilith begins to look tense and asks for everyone to be quiet. Tyler and Travis are arguing so there is no quiet. “Don’t you guys not hear that?” asked Lilith.

“What are you talking about?” asked Rothus.

“All the animals are quiet, there’s just silence,” said Lilith.

Evander began listening to the sounds of the forest, tuning out Tyler and Travis. Evander was getting good at tuning out conversations from much practice. After that it became clear to him something was wrong with the forest.

“Hey idiots, no animals are making noise,” said Lilith to Tyler and Travis.

“Huh?” they both replied.

“Hey Travis, what does it mean when animals are quiet?” asked Tyler.

“Bad,” said Travis.

“Okay, lets keep moving, but quietly,” said Tyler. They once again began following Ma'ud back west. After a few paces, they heard, “Ishhhka sha drakk grawwk ka,” coming from the forest. Everyone stopped in there tracks. After a few moments Tyler began speaking in the same strange tongue. Evander decided to leave the talking to the professional. Over the past two years besides finally learning to read, he also had learned the language of his most hated enemies. Orchis, and Goblin, after what happened at Tarenvale. They continued talking and Evander began to scan the tree line for a location to the noise.

After a few moments of looking he finally spotted it, unfortunately at the same time they let out a loud hiss that could only mean that they are going to attack. Tyler tried some last words but it was to late, they launched the attack with three javelins, landing fifteen feet away. Warning shots maybe? thought Evander until he noticed that Rothus was missing. Evander released his backpack and ran up to the javelins and picked one up. As this happens behind him he hears the crackle of energy and a grey and black blur trailing electricity runs past him. The attackers throw another volley of javelins, only Evander is hit, the silk shirt absorbing some of the blow.

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