Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Fifth

“Lily, everyone,” Dalton greets. “The town was devastated, only a few houses were left standing in town, and most of the farms are ruined. The forge, inn, tavern, Orvani’s hut, all gone. The one piece of good news is that the Karadrid farm is in one piece,” finished Dalton. “Now, I have talked to Joachim, and he says there is sacrifice ahead. To make sure your ready for it, he is going to have you undergo the trial,” said Dalton.

“It’s about time, I have been ready for months but all the coven makes me do is train. You don’t think you could train me, could you Mr. Dalton?” said Lilith haughtily.

“I have only had one apprentice, and that was Roran,” said Dalton. “They did say you where arrogant Lilith. Let’s just hope you complete this task. And are the rest of you ready for this task?” asks Dalton. They quickly agree, Evander is the only dissenter. “Evander?” he asks questioningly.

Am I ready for this task? wondered Evander to himself. Rothus is good at disappearing, and getting into places he shouldn’t. Aeryn has her faith. Lilith has her magic. Tyler has found the power of stories. Travis is an expert tracker. All I can do is fight, and I’m not that good. Evander thinks to himself. “I don’t know if I’m ready, it seems for every technique I am taught, there are 2 more to be learned,” said Evander confiding in Dalton.

“Evander come with me,” said Dalton.

“Don’t forget the low guard,” called Lilith encouragingly.

Wondering what Dalton wants, Evander follows him to the ‘Dojo.’ “Alright, let’s see what you have learned,” said Dalton falling into a basic unarmed fighting stance. The two have a short but intense sparring session.

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