Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Seventh

“Now, they have said that you need a leader. The leader should keep a cool head, be responsible, and make tough decisions at a moment's notice. Now, they recommend Evander. However, Tyler, I think you have the making of a leader in you. Evander, should Tyler fail, take over,” said Dalton.

“What, they want that cross-dressing fairy to be a leader?” said Tyler. Dalton raised his eyebrow, however he kept any questions to himself.

“Well, it was good to see you all doing well, farewell,” said Dalton.

“What, you’re leaving? You just got here,” said Lilith.

“I just stopped by to talk with Joachim, and to check your progress, fare ye well, and good luck,” and with that Dalton walked off.

“Okay, so we need supplies, I’m going to talk to my trainers, I suggest y’all do the same,” said Tyler.

“Why are you in charge and not Evander?” asked Lilith.

“Because Mr. Dalton said so,” replied Tyler.

“Whatever,” said Lilith. Each went there own way to seek aid and supplies from there respective trainers.

Evander was half way to the ‘Dojo’ when he encountered Pippin. “So I heard that you’re going to take the test. Well, me and Judeau got you something special. Here,” said Pippin handing Evander a cestus. “We will deliver the other supplies, just wait with your friends,” finished Pippin.

“Thanks,” said Evander simply heading back to his friends.

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