Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Ninth

“Evander your so smart,” said Lilith trying to subvert Tyler’s position.

“Excellent suggestion. Travis how about you scout the perimeter looking for tracks heading into the forest,” commanded Tyler.

“Okay boss,” said Travis.

The group followed Travis until he stopped. “I see a lot of tracks leading into the forest,” said Travis.

“Lead on then,” said Tyler. The adventurers in training follow the tracks deeper into the forest until they split. Tyler and Lilith bicker the entire way, Evander tunes it out and just keeps walking. The tracks split, three going the same direction north, two go to the east, and one goes to the west.

“Ok, how about we split up, each of us takes a track and we follow it,” suggests Tyler.

I don’t know about Tyler but I’m not sure which way camp is. Besides, what if we get attacked by wild animals? thought Evander.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea guys, what if you get lost?” asked Travis.

“I agree. I don’t know where I’m going,” said Evander.

“The tracks going east are freshest, how about that way,” suggests Travis.

“Ok, lets go east,” said Tyler. And so they headed east, and east, and they kept going east.

“I don’t think you know where you're going Travis,” said Lilith.

“I know where I’m going, we're following the tracks,” said Travis.

“Yeah, our tracks,” said Lilith. “Ma'ud, how about you show Travis the right way to go,” said Lilith dejectedly. They all watched as Ma'ud sniffed the tracks then raised his nose to the air, and bolted west. “Ma'ud, wait for us!” cried Lilith. 

Ma'ud, despite being small, was fast and at home in the forest. Lilith chased right after him and Evander after her. Everyone followed Lilith deep into the woods where Ma'ud was sitting. His face seemed to say “Why can’t you two feet keep up?”

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