Evander Smith-Liken to a Newly Forged Sword Part the Last

Two of the lizard men fall over, sleeping. Evander, carrying one of the javelins, runs up and throws, hitting the one that threw the javelin, impaling him through the chest. Evan gets a clear view of the attackers now, they are man shaped lizards. The one he impaled through the chest is still able to fight, but barely. Ma'ud takes advantage of Evander’s attack and finishes off the lizard man. Two of the apparent seven lizard men fall over asleep. Travis keeps up a volley of arrows, however, he is shaking too much to hit anything. One of the lizard men flees for his life. The other bellows a fierce war cry and Evander responds by tackling him to the ground.

They roll around on the ground. Evander has a clear advantage and is able to tie up the lizard man. The victory was hard fought and won. Evander leaves the lizard man hoping that the others will be able to get information out of him. Evander goes back and picks up his pack. When he gets back, Lilith is saying, “We should get out of here.”

“But what about information?” asked Tyler.

“The others are going to wake up soon. Lets go,” said Lilith.

“Ok, lets go,” said Tyler.

Evander, feeling frustrated, knocks out the lizard man to get his rope back before following everyone on a tactical retreat. Ma'ud leads them back to the clearing where the paths split, it is here that they plan to set up camp. Thus far Evander hasn’t broken, this is his trial, should he succeed, then he will be a proven blade, ready for the battles to come.

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