Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Last

“What do you know of Kitsune?” asked Lilith.

“I know that they can change their shape and have more magic than they know what to do with,” said Iregor.

“Are there any areas you do not wish us to search in the mountains?” asked Evander.

“Yes, the upper levels,” said Iregor.

“How will we know them?” asked Evander.

“When the bodies begin,” said Iregor.

“How will we get into the mountain?” asked Travis.

“There are many entrances close to the base of the mountain,” said Iregor.

“Can you help us get to the mountain. I mean it’s so far away and you seemed to get from there to here quickly. I was just thinking it would be a great help if you could give us a lift,” said Tyler.

“Tyler, dragons don’t like to ridden like common horses,” whispered Lilith angrily.

Without replying Iregor spread his mighty wings, and with powerful blasts of wind that almost knocks the group over, takes to the sky once again. The group watches him circle before flying off towards the forest. He then circles backs and dives at the group. Aeryn lets out a scream of terror as Iregor picks up the group. Though strong, he manages not to squish anyone, as they stare at the ground so far below, the wind whipping in there faces.

What would have taken hours, takes minutes as Iregor brings them to his mountain home. He swoops low and hovers just off the ground and drops the group. This done, he uses his mighty wings to ascend to his perch far above.

“That was awesome,” said Rothus.

“Yeah, now how about we find a cave entrance,” said Evander.

“See, there’s one,” said Travis pointing to a entrance that is slightly hidden.

Well that wasn’t what I expected, thought Evander getting ready to brave the caves below Iregor’s lair.

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