Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Seventh

“Wait, if Iregor has possession of the bracer then we can’t take it. We are treasure hunters, not thieves,” said Evander while Rothus and Tyler where having a side conversation.

“Guys, we don’t know everything, it would be best we hear Iregor’s side, maybe Dalton isn’t who we think he is,” said Aeryn trying to be the voice of reason. “You said you smell no evil among us, surely you can see we mean you no harm,” said Aeryn.

“What more do you know of Dalton and my father, Sindarin Elhaim?” asked Lilith.

“Information for Information,” said Tyler.

Good point, thought Evander. “The oracle also told us that we would restore the lost kingdom,” said Evander.

“Ah, the lost kingdom is far from here,” said Iregor.

“Tell us of the old kingdom,” said Lilith.

“The lost kingdom is far from here, cross the great river,” said Iregor.

“Past Tarenvale?” asked Rothus.

“That name is familiar, yet not,” said Iregor.

“Tyler, was Tarenvale known by any other name?” asked Evander.

Tyler thinks for a few moments. “Yes, it used to be called the Kingdom of Terra,” said Tyler.

“Yes, that was the name of the kingdom,” said Iregor.

“Tarenvale is not a kingdom,” said Rothus. “I mean, there aren’t ruins anywhere,” he concluded.

“Yes there are, to the west past Karfal. By the Dragon's Teeth,” said Lilith.

“Are those mountains?” asked Evander.

“Yes,” said Iregor.

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