Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Second

Sometime after the first break it began to rain. The group is now walking through the forest, having to make there own path. “Guys, I think we should make camp, this rain could get really bad,” said Travis.

“Ok, let’s make camp here and wait for the rain to pass,” said Evander. Travis and Evander go about setting up camp. Evander, being the only one who brought a tent, was able to avoid most of the rain. Travis built a small structure to shelter the others. Evander, having the tent to himself he decides to take a nap to pass the time.

When Evander awoke it was still raining heavily; from his tent Evander could barley make out the trees that where ten feet away. Shortly after, Rothus contacts him on the communication stone.

“Hey Evan, Tyler and Lily are missing,” said Rothus.

“What do you mean missing?” asked Evander.

“As in they’re not in the tent. Geez,” said Rothus.

Evander switched the communication stone to talk to everyone. “Hey Lily, Travis, where are you guys?” asked Evander.

“If we knew that we wouldn’t be lost,” said Lilith.

“So you’re together?” asked Evander.

“Yes,” answered Lilith.

“Ok, have you guys tried asking Ma'ud to guide you back to camp?” asked Evander.

“No,” said Lilith.

“What are you guys doing in the rain anyways?” asked Evander.

“I went looking for Tyler,” said Lilith.

“Tyler, why did you wonder off?” asked Evander.

“Because I’m not going to let Lily kill me,” said Tyler.

“What do you mean "Lily kill you", did you say something about her father being the devil again?” asked Evander.

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