Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Fourth

The mountains only appeared to be a few miles away. Yet we were told it was four days to the mountains, thought Evander. We have traveled less than one.

A gentle breeze blew through the plains causing the knee deep grass to sway back and forth. “Hey, guys, shouldn’t there be animals here?” asked Evander. They had been walking for a few minutes and during that time Evander had realized that he had not seen or heard any signs of animal life.

“Yeah there should be,” said Travis.

“Any idea why there aren’t any animals?” asked Evander.

“Predators like lions,” said Aeryn.

“Or magic,” said Rothus.

Lilith and Aeryn began searching the area for malicious magic. “I don’t sense anything,” said Aeryn.

“Me either,” said Lilith.

“Hey guys, look,” said Travis pointing towards the mountains. Evander followed where Travis was pointing. Evander saw what appeared to be a large eagle sitting atop the mountains. The creature spread it’s wings, and leapt from the mountain and began flying towards the group.

“Spread out!” called Rothus.

“Stand your ground!” called Aeryn.

“Run, we can find cover in the forest,” called Lilith.

“It’s too far,” said Travis.

As the shape draws closer, the group merely stares at it in awe. For what is flying at them is the stuff of legend. It soars high on bat like wings, the sun reflects off of its silver scales. What has flown at them is none other than a dragon.

“Don’t worry, silver dragons are good,” said Aeryn.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t make them less hungry,” replied Lilith.

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