Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Fifth

The dragon’s size became apparent when it began circling the group. The dragon made the Tarenvale inn look like a small hut in comparison. After circling three times the dragon landed in front of the group.

The dragon began to talk in an unfamiliar tongue that sounded like what the Lizard-men had been speaking. Aeryn and Tyler being familiar with the language managed to respond. During one of his replies the dragon says the word Tarenvale.

“Great dragon, though I may be able to understand you, my friends cannot. Would it be possible to continue this conversation in common?” asks Lilith.

“As you wish,” said the dragon sounding annoyed.

“Are you Silver-Wing?” asked Aeryn.

“I have not heard that name in a long time,” said the dragon.

“Who’s Silver-Wing?” asked Travis.

“Silver-Wing protected mountains from Orc attacks,” said Aeryn.

“Those mountains are north of here, and I am not Silver-Wing. This inferior tongue cannot pronounce my name. However, others of your kind call me Iregor,” said the dragon.

“Have you heard of the Elemental Stones?” asked Evander.

“Yes, why do you ask of the stones?” asked Iregor.

“The oracle of the camp we come from has said we are destined to find the stones,” said Evander.

“Ahaha,” laughed Iregor. “That old fool is always sending those foolish enough to listen on that quest,” said Iregor.

“We aren’t the first?” asked Tyler.

“No, and you won’t be the last,” said Iregor.

“An Elf and a Magus looked for the stones before. Do you know them?” asked Lilith.

“Hisss, how do you know the Fallen One!?” demanded Iregor.

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