Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Sixth

“What do you mean by fallen one?” asked Lilith.

“You know him as Dalton,” said Iregor.

“We have known Dalton all our lives. Most of us lived in Tarenvale and Dalton lived just outside town,” said Lilith. “In fact Dalton saved our lives, and it was Roran who guided us away from Tarenvale,” continued Lilith.

“Trust Roran,” said Iregor.

“I find it hard to believe that Joachim’s men could find the bracer without mentioning it is in the domain of a dragon,” said Evander aloud.

“Tell us where the bracer is and I will give you Dalton,” said Tyler.

“Tell me!” roared Iregor.

“If you eat me you won’t find Dalton,” warned Tyler trying to keep the fear from his voice.

“If I eat you, I get a good snack and I win,” said Iregor.

“If we give him Dalton then we won’t need the bracer,” said Evander. I doubt that there would be a camp left, he thought.

Tyler talks to Iregor in draconic for a bit.

“What do you know of Dalton?” asked Aeryn.

“I know that he has ended the world once,” said Iregor.

“So the Elves aren’t in hiding,” said Evander.

“Some are,” said Iregor.

“Well I know we are trying to change the world for the better,” said Aeryn.

“We will find the bracer on our own,” said Tyler defiantly.

“Thanks for your help,” said Lilith dismissively.

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