Evander Smith-The Storm before the Dragon Part the Eighth

“Are they the biggest mountains?” asked Evander.

“Not by far,” said Iregor.

“Do you own the bracer we seek?” asked Evander.

“No,” replied Iregor.

“Then may we search your mountains for it?” asked Evander.

“What else do you seek?” inquired Iregor.

“Nothing,” said Evander.

“Very well, you may search my mountain,” said Iregor.

“Have others been sent to you?” asked Lilith.

“I have not seen your kind for ten years,” said Iregor.

“Was the last human you saw Dalton?” asked Evander.

“How perceptive of you, he isn’t so different now than he was then,” said Iregor.

“He was younger,” said Lilith.

“Perhaps, perhaps not,” said Iregor.

“He is only human,” said Lilith.

“Is he? Well, you will find out soon enough,” said Iregor.

“Knowing Tarenvale was the Kingdom of Terra. My family has been affiliated with Tarenvale for generations. My grandfather and father after him took on the role of mayor of Tarenvale. They've known the area so long. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. We mean you no harm, anything we can do to help? We appreciate you letting us search the area. Not killing us is nice too… how can I help you? How can I be of service?” Tyler bows at the end of his rambling.

“You cannot help me,” said Iregor.

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