Evander Smith-The Tree Part the Fifth

“I see you made it back,” Roran says.

“Look, we found the rune,” says Tyler, motioning Travis to show the rune, which he does.

“Well, you need about six more of them, but I think you should speak with Joachim first,” says Roran.

Great, it would have been nice to give us that information ahead of time, thought Evander. Taking Roran’s advice, they go to speak with Joachim.

“Word is you found the rune,” says Joachim upon meeting with the group. “You look as though you could use a bath,” he says to the dirty and slightly weary travelers. “Well, with this you completed your training and I have something for you. Wait here a moment,” says Joachim leaving the meeting tent. When he returns he has several copies of the rune that was given to him.

“Now, these are communication runes. They will allow you to communicate with one another,” he says passing them out. “Now I have a special gift for each of you for completing your training. Like the amulets, as you grow in strength so shall they. Evander, these are for you,” he said handing Evander a beautiful case. Evander opens it. Inside on velvet cushion sit a pair of amber cestus. Each in turn get an item of power relating to there abilities.

“Now, you have a choice to make. You can either leave the camp of your own free will or, you can stay and help us,” he says. “Now I’m sure you are aware of people leaving and returning to camp. These people are in teams, much as you are. They are sent on missions to recover artifacts for the camp. Any treasure and money they find they keep except for a small percentage which goes to the camp. This allows us to pay for them to travel, as well as for the items we have given you. So, what shall it be?”

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