Evander Smith-The Tree Part the First

After the mad flight from the Lizard-men the group set up camp in the woods. They took shifts watching for danger. None presented itself that night, and once morning came, the quest continued. Lilith was still not happy with Travis being selected as the leader and sulked the whole day not saying a word, or lifting a finger to help. “We should search the swamp. Why else would our amulets have water breathing?” says Tyler. The others don’t voice disagreement.

I think we should search elsewhere and come back to the swamp if we don’t find the rune. Evander thinks to himself. The amulets let one breath in water and see in the dark. The amulets don’t let one see in the murky swamp water. In order to search the swamp the adventurers would have to feel there way through it and hope they found the rune. For those reasons Evander wanted to search elsewhere. However, he said nothing and eventually Travis, and then Rothus, went into the water and began searching. Evander offered to hold their gear so it wouldn’t get wet and kept a lookout for trouble. The two searched the swamp and found a humanoid leg bone.

“Hey Aeryn what killed this person?” said Rothus brining the leg bone Travis found back to the shore.

“I don’t know,” said Aeryn, the bone lacking any real information to find out. “Hey, are there any ruins in the forest?” she asked.

“Let me think for a moment,” said Tyler. “Yes, there are some ruins in the forest. I think they're northwest of here,” he concluded.

“Ok, let’s try there,” said Aeryn.

“I think northwest is this way,” said Evander not really sure where he was pointing.

“Guys, I’m sure it’s this way,” said Rothus pointing in a different direction.

“Well, I think northwest is that way,” said Tyler pointing in a different direction.

“Well, northwest is this way,” said Travis pointing in a different direction.

“Desna guides me this direction,” said Aeryn pointing in yet another direction.

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