Evander Smith-The Tree Part the Fourth

“Maybe…” says Aeryn who then proceeds to move the word around. The puzzle does indeed say tree. Aeryn says something that Evander doesn’t understand. Though whatever was said seems to have had meaning because a doorway opens up. Next to the rune there are now stairs leading down into darkness in the great tree. It is no ordinary darkness for not even the magic of the amulets can peer into the darkness.

Rothus is the first to venture into the tree and vanishes from view. After a while, and no tortured screaming, the rest get ready to venture forth. Each member ties rope around themselves so as to not get separated, except Evander who just holds the end of the rope. One by one they descend into the darkness. Once Evander enters the darkness, there is a blue glow that appears around him and follows his movements.

“Hey, why is there a blue glow around me and not you guys?” asks Tyler.

“I see a glow around me but no one else,” says Aeryn.

Interesting, we can see our own glow but not anyone else’s, thinks Evander. Just as he thinks that, Travis takes a step and disappears from view.

“What happened?!” asks Tyler in a panicked voice. Aeryn holds out her hands and chants words of divine power.

“I don’t know, but this whole place is magical,” says Aeryn.

“I’ll take the lead in case there are more traps,” offers Evander. Before he can make good on his offer Travis comes stumbling out of nowhere and Rothus is behind him with his bow.

“Rothus why do you have Travis’ bow?” asks Evander.

“I don’t know, I guess I stole it,” he calmly replies.

“What’s that?” asks Tyler pointing to a small box like package on Travis’ person. Travis now noticing the box opens it and peers inside.

“Okay, we have to get back to camp now,” says Tyler. And so the intrepid band of adventurers in training made there way back to camp with the help of Ma'ud. Lizard-men and wild animals did not bother them. All in all it was a nice walk back to the camp. Once back in the camp Roran greets the adventurers in training.

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