Evander Smith-The Tree Part the Second

“I think we should follow Travis, he knows how to find his way in the woods,” said Tyler defending Travis.

“Yes, but the sun rises in the east and it is still morning,” said Aeryn defending her claim. With her charm and evidence the rest of the group believes her and heads the direction she was pointing. At first the trip was uneventful, however Tyler and Evander manage to fall into a pit. Tyler is too shocked to cry out, and Evander disciplined enough to not cry out. They only fall ten feet and the squishy mud breaks there fall.

“Hey guys, we need some help here,” yells Evander.

“Quit playing hide and seek,” says Travis turning around and not seeing Evander.

“Yeah, that’s my job,” says Rothus.

“We're in a pit,” called back Evander. Rothus, Travis and Aeryn walk back and indeed see Evander and Tyler in a pit.

“Here, catch,” calls Evander tossing up his bag to Rothus. Rothus catches the bag, but it off balances him and he falls into the pit as well. Guess I don’t know my own strength, thinks Evander realizing that he is carrying significantly more gear than everyone else.

“Hold on guys,” says Travis finding a near by tree. He ties his rope around it and lowers it into the pit. Evander tugs on the rope to see if it is secure.

“Seems like it will hold my weight,” says Evander. He grabs the rope and easily climbs up. “Okay, now Rothus pass up the gear,” calls Evander. Rothus passes up the gear to Evander who easily picks it up and sets it to the side. Rothus then handily climbs out of the pit. Tyler is now the only one in the pit and begins his accent. Unfortunately he slips and falls. The mud gives way and he is buried up to his waist in the thick, sticky mud.

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