Evander Smith-The Tree Part the Third

“Guys help!” calls Tyler now trapped in the pit. Evander goes over to the edge of the pit. The rope that Travis tied to the tree is fifty feet long and easily reaches Tyler. Tyler holds onto the rope, and everyone begins helping to pull him out of the mud. Travis is really stuck and it takes the group a good two minutes to pull him free. Halfway through, Rothus begins throwing sticks into the pit to try to create a more solid surface.

“Oh no, my boots,” laments Tyler once he is out of the pit, his boots still stuck in the mud.

“I’ll go get them,” offers Aeryn. “I’m the lightest and less likely to fall into the mud,” she says. So Evander lowers her into the pit where she grabs the boots. Once she is holding them Evander helps her free the boots by pulling her up. After a few solid tugs, the boots are pulled free, though they are filled with and covered in mud. One of Aeryn’s abilities is to create water at will. Everyone receives a quick shower to get rid of the worst of the mud. They then continue on to the ruins.

All that’s left is a single massive wall. Or so it appears at first glance. The ruin is actually a massive tree, certainly the largest tree anyone from Tarenvale has ever seen and it could be the largest tree in the world and certainly the region.

“Hey, what’s that?” asks Rothus pointing towards a rune on the tree. Everyone looks at the rune.

“I think it says don’t enter, though I’m a bit uncertain about the don’t part,” says Aeryn. The rune is actually a sliding puzzle, Rothus experiments by moving a few pieces.

“Can we make it say other words?” asks Rothus.

“Maybe, let me try,” says Aeryn who begins to slide the pieces around. Evander, unable to read the language quietly contemplates the puzzle. Rothus watches Aeryn for a while before walking around the tree. There are no visible entrances, just the puzzle. Rothus returns and looks at the puzzle and then has an idea.

“Hey, can you make it say tree?” asks Rothus.

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