The Adventures of Rothus, page 39 [D-822]

Mountains of Iregor, Dwarven forges:

Durn leaves us to our own devices as he wanders away. Such a trusting fool. We stand in awe for a while at the fact that these are real, live Dwarves!! They are working on forging weapons and armor, for some unknown purpose. Do they sell them? Or is a war coming? Or maybe it is crazy dangerous down here? Whatever the reason, Evan quickly walks up to an empty anvil and begins working on a project.

The other smiths immediately laugh and turn to him. They tell him he’s doing it wrong and share their advice, the scene devolving into a cacophony of voices and hammer strikes. Travis decides it’s been too long since he’s had a drink, and quickly goes to find one. He finds many barrels of ale within easy reach. Taking a mug, he fills it and begins drinking away. Some Dwarves sit down to join him, making a ruckus. To our surprise, Lily joins in as well!

Aeryn and I search for food, intending to replenish our rations. We find a kitchen with food stores of bread, meat, mushrooms and some cheese! Aeryn says the mushrooms are all edible. There are only a few Dwarves in here, so we find an alcove where I can stuff the food into our backpack.

One of the cooks turns to us. Then he approaches and asks us what we are doing. I tell them that Durn told me to collect some food stuffs. He sees through the lie, and says, “If you’re hungry, you should have just asked! We got plenty of food.” Sweet! We can remember this place a spot to replenish our rations whenever we need to.

We step out of the kitchen with a selection of food to share with the rest of our group, they must be as hungry as we are. We find Lily and Travis passed out from all the alcohol. Evan is chatting up the Dwarves, getting to be good friends.

Aeryn asks if there is a library, or written records somewhere. They give only a cryptic response, leaving us standing there. I guess there isn’t a library after all.

Some time passes and a Dwarf man in white robes approaches Aeryn. Without speaking, he leads her somewhere. Well, I need to know where they are going! I get up to follow and find them going down many twisting hallways. I stay just a turn behind, otherwise I’d get lost down here.

They end their journey at a large door. When the white-robed Dwarf opens the door, it leads to a room full of scrolls, texts and tomes. Thousands of books, all written in Dwarven. Yay. I’ll only be able to look at the pictures. Aeryn’s guide walks away and comes back with a large tome. It is a codex that has both Dwarven tongue and Common tongue, side by side. Yay. Now we can translate Dwarven text at a super slow speed. Yippie. I don’t want to site here for eternity, I want to get moving and find that bracer and get back to town. I guess I’d better head back to the forges.

There really are a lot of passages down here. Too many to keep track of. Okay, I’m definitely lost. I turn around and walk back toward the library. I suppose I can help Aeryn until she is guided back to the forges. Where was the library, again? Frak.

I take a quick survey of the area. There are many doors, and no people. I knock on a door. No answer. Wait, if no one is here, then i can do whatever I like! There’s definitely something behind these doors. No one goes through the trouble of digging out a room, put a door on it and then just walk away without putting something in the room. I try the handle and find that it is locked. Even better! If they locked it, there will be something worth stealling! I quickly pick the lock and open the door. In the room I see darkness. Odd, my amulet should pierce any natural darkness with ease, so this is something peculiar indeed. I strike my flint and steel several times, seeing that it does not penetrate the darkness, either. I dare not touch it. Maybe with a stick...

A chuckle echoes in the caverns. So there is someone here! “Greetings! Can you tell me where Durn is?” I ask. That is the moment I get shoved from behind, launching me into the dark room. The door slams behind me! Awww, Erastil! I immediately call Evan on the stone of communication to let him know that I have become trapped in a room between the forges and the library. There is no response. I call out to all of the party. Again, I get know response. Uh oh.

Well, The first thing is to stay calm. I’ll figure out how big this place is and how many doors it has. I find a wall and drag my hand along it, tracing the floor plan of the room in my mind. It seems to be one hundred feet long by one hundred feet wide without any doors. That can’t be right. Where is the door I came through? It was right here! How does a door turn to solid stone?!

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