The Adventures of Rothus, page 40 [D-822]

Mountains of Iregor, trapped in the Dwarven tunnels:

The total darkness of the room weakens as sunlight floods in to reveal a farm. Slowly, Mother fades into view. Uh oh, I’m hallucinating. How long have I been in here?! “Where have you been?” she asks.

“I’ve been training with a group,” I answer.

“So much has changed. Zeil has joined up with the militia and is a proud soldier. Odette, Miriam and Cynthia have all gotten married!” I listen and look around the room. The Karadrid farm presents itself, almost as I remember it. There are some changes, though. The buildings have been repaired and the wagon by the barn is definitely new, but for the most part it is home, sweet home. “When will you be back in Tarenvale?”

“I don’t know. They told us that we would return eventually,” I shamefully reply. I get a very strong urge. I need to go back.

“Who are they?” she asks.

“Well, you remember Roran?”

“Not really.... Was he Dalton’s apprentice?”

“Yeah! He led us out of Tarenvale to meet with some people in a camp far away. We passed Newport, crossed the Great River and went through a city made of glitter. What was it called? I can’t remember, it’s been too long since we were there.”

“It has been too long, indeed,” she notes.

“They have trained us, and now we are helping them out as payment. The oracle says that eventually we will return, but that right now we have other business. We have a great destiny to bring back an old kingdom. See, there are these stones we must find, in order to gain some power--” At that moment, the whole scene fades, even the magical blackness that preceded it. The door I had been searching for is right in front of me. I walk out, confused.

“Rothus!” Evan shouts. Oh, hey. They are searching for me!

“Evan! I’m over here!” I cry out. Eventually we meet up and we both smile. There is a Dwarf with him, presumably his guide in the tunnels. They lead me back up to the forges. “Why didn’t you respond to me calls on the communication stone?” Evan asks.

“Wait just one moment. You didn’t reply to my calls!” I correct. We argue a few moments trying to figure it out, but have no answer.

When we get back to the forges I pull Evan and aside and tell him about my experience in the room. He is as confused as I am. This is very, very odd. I ask Lily if I can use one of her envelopes to write a letter home. I must go back home. She agrees to let me have a sheet. I’ll write a letter and send it off as soon as I can. Then, we’ll head back to Tarenvale the moment I can persuade the group.

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