Evander Smith-The Dwarven Forges Part the Last

“There you are,” said Evander.

“Where were you guys? I tried calling you on the stone but you didn’t respond,” said Rothus.

“No you didn’t, we tried to talk to you with the stone but you didn’t answer,” said Evander.

“But I did call you."

“No, we called you.”

“No I called you.”

“Look, we both called each other. What happened to you?”

Rothus looks around and pulls his friends aside. “Look first thing you need to know is that I am not crazy,” said Rothus.

“Ok,” said Evander. But I’m pretty sure that’s what a crazy person would say.

“Well I was following Aeryn, but she went into a library, and all the books were in Dwarven so I couldn’t read them and it was reaaaly boring. So I decided to go exploring, and then I got lost and couldn’t find my way back but I found a locked door. I tried the handle and the door was open so I decided to just take a quick look around. But the room was dark, not even the amulet could see in it. So I took a step in to investigate when the door suddenly closed behind me, I have no idea how, must have been a trap, but I didn’t see any. Anyway, I felt the wall and walked all the way around the room, but when I got back to the first wall there was no door, it was just gone. So I kept wandering around and then I saw my mother. She asked why we hadn’t returned and that my older sisters have married and that Zeil joined the militia,” said Rothus.

“You what?” asked Evander. Yep, he’s lost it.

“I saw my mother who told me how Tarenvale has changed,” said Rothus. “I really think it’s time that we go back,” said Rothus.

“Well we haven’t gotten out much,” said Evander. “Right now you're in a cave, and the time before that it was a tree.”

“Lily, when was the last time you wrote home?” asked Rothus.

“About a week ago,” said Lilith. Before Rothus can inquire further a Dwarf in a white robe beckons the quartet of friends. He leads them to the Library where they find Aeryn.

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