Evander Smith-The Dwarven Forges Part the Second

“Where do you think she’s going?” asks Rothus. Evander just shrugs his shoulders. “I’m going to follow her,” said Rothus sneaking after Aeryn. Evander decided to stay behind and keep an eye on Lilith and Travis.

“Did you win?” said Lilith as she begins to stir.

“Win what?” asked Evander.

“I’m hungry,” said Lilith groggily.

“Here have some food,” said Evander putting a plate in front of her. Travis begins to stir as well. “Ah, awake I see,” said Evander.

“Stop yelling at me,” said Travis. “And tell those Dwarves to quit pounding in my head.”

“One, I’m not yelling, and two this is their forge so they can pound as much as they want,” said Evander. “Here have some food.”

“I told you to stop yelling,” said Travis beginning to eat something.

“Hey, where are Aeryn and Rothus?” asks Lilith.

“Dunno. A Dwarf came and Aeryn followed, and the Rothus followed Aeryn,” said Evander.

“Hey, where are you guys?” asked Lilith speaking into the communication stone.

“SHHHHH! This is a library!” said Aeryn.

“Sorry, I didn’t know where you were,” said Lilith. “What about you Rothus?” asked Lilith. “Rothus? … Hello? … Guys, Rothus isn’t answering,” said Lilith.

“He probably put his communication stone some place quiet while he sneaks around,” said Evander.

“Well, we should try to find him and keep him from getting into trouble,” said Lilith.

“Alright,” said Evander. Lilith and Evander get a Dwarven guide and begin searching for Rothus. After about ten minutes of searching Lilith and Evander split up to cover more ground. Twenty minutes later Evander finally finds Rothus.

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