Evander Smith-Lotech Part the Fourth

“I’m not really sure myself,” said Lilith. “Anyway, how do we know your not a plant, people don’t have green hair,” said Lilith. “You were trying to eat Ma'ud weren’t you?” accused Lilith.

“No, I tried to feed him, but he was scared of me and ran off. But he was so strange I decided to follow him,” said Lotech.

“Right,” said Lilith not believing Lotech.

“What are you doing out here anyways?” asked Lotech.

“We are searching for a magical bracer in the mountains behind us,” said Evander.

“Really, a magical bracer, whatever for?” asked Lotech.

“Because we're treasure hunters,” said Travis excitedly.

“Treasure hunters? That sounds exciting. Can I join?” asked Lotech.

“You’ll have to ask Evander,” said Lilith.

“Evander, can I please join? I don’t need any of the loot and I can be useful,” said Lotech pleadingly.

“Well…” said Evander thinking over the situation.

“Please,” Lotech said almost begging.

“O.K.” said Evander.

“Evander! I think you're being to trusting. She tried to eat Ma'ud,” said Lilith.

“I agree, I could be a thief who will kill you in your sleep and take your stuff,” said Lotech not helping her case.

“So we will keep watch,” said Evander.

“What if I’m luring you into a trap in the mountains,” said Lotech.

“Then your within arms reach to attack,” said Evander. “Anyway, let us head back to the cave now that Ma'ud is safe,” said Evander.

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