Evander Smith-Lotech Part the First

“Alright, before we enter the caves lets have Rothus check it out,” said Evander.

“Sure,” said Rothus entering the cave. Though it was dark, the amulet allowed them to see in the dark. After about a minute without screams, Rothus reemerged from the cave. “No traps that I could find,” he said.

“Alright let’s go in, Rothus will search ahead and warn us of trouble,” said Evander.

“Hey is that a plant chasing Ma'ud?” asked Lilith pointing to the distance. Evander followed her gaze, and saw a blur occasionally jump above the grass. Behind the blur was a green shape moving after it.

I thought Ma'ud always stayed with Lily, thought Evander.

“I’m going to save him,” said Lilith.

Great, that dragon flew us here and we have to waste his gift by going back for Ma'ud, thought Evander wryly. “Alright, lets go help Ma'ud,” said Evander.

“I’ll guard the cave,” said Rothus. No one else objected, so with Evander in front, expecting trouble, they went to help Ma'ud. It was a few hours of walking, however, they managed to meet up with Ma'ud before the ‘plant’ got him.

“Ma'ud is that a plant chasing you?” asked Lilith.

“Grrr, ruff, ruff,” said Ma'ud.

“What do you mean it’s a person? People don’t have green hair,” said Lilith.

“Ruff, ruff, grr, yip,” said Ma'ud.

“You mean it was trying to eat you,” corrected Lilith.

“Grr, grr, ruff, ruff yip,” said Ma'ud.

“Fine, whatever,” said Lilith. Travis, having been watching the plant approach, draws and notches an arrow. The ‘plant’ quickly ducks into the grass.

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