Evander Smith-Lotech Part the Third

“But what about the one pointing the arrow at me?” asked the green haired girl.

“Ah, don’t worry about him. I was in a battle with him once, never scratched what he was aiming at,” said Evander. He then pulled out the communication stone. “It’s okay guys, it is just a girl,” said Evander.

“Wow, you can talk to dragons and stones, that’s impressive,” said the green haired girl. As she stands up she grabs a stone.

“No I can’t talk to stones; this is a stone of communication. It allows me to communicate with others who have similar stones,” said Evander.

“I wonder what stones would say if I could talk to them,” said the green haired girl.

“No, it is used to talk to others who have similar stones, they need to have this mark,” said Evander showing her the communication stone.

“Can you teach me to talk to stones?” asked the green haired girl.

I said I use the stone to talk to others, how does she not understand that concept? Evander asked himself. Whilst they were talking the rest of the group had caught up to them.

“I just realized that I haven’t asked your name yet, I am Evander,” said Evander.

“I’m Lilith,” said Lilith.

“Travis,” said Travis curtly.

“I’m Lotech, nice to meet you all,” said the green haired girl named Lotech.

“So what are you and that fox with two tails doing out in the plains anyways?” asked Lotech.

“He’s not a two tailed fox, he’s a Kitsune,” said Lilith.

“Really, what’s a Kitsune?” asked Lotech.

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