Evander Smith-Lotech Part the Last

Rothus proceeded to walk down the stairs. There was a clicking sound as he stepped on the third stair. “Oh Erastil,” Rothus whispered. Though he avoided most of the blades, two of them hit him causing him to cry out and fall down the rest of the stairs. Travis anxiously got up and walked over to look inside the doorway and saw him lying on the floor, not moving.

“Guys, stand back, I’m going to use my sword to cut the wire,” said Travis. Using his elven curved blade he placed it beneath the wire and cut upwards. The wire did indeed break, however it once again activated the trap. Travis was only hit by a single blade; however that sent him flying from the doorway to the other one on the other side of the hall. He landed with a thud, then a click. The sound of countless puffs of air could be heard.

“I will get Travis, then I will get Rothus,” said Evander. Leaving his pack up stairs, he walks down towards Travis. Everything went well until he stepped off the last step. Darts came from everywhere, striking Evander. Though they were many, he shrugged them off and hauled Travis back into the hallway.

“Should have sent me in first, I mean, I am new and expendable,” said Lotech.

“Aeryn, he needs help,” called Evander, only to see that she was at the bottom of the other hallway. She was tending to Rothus, and with the power of Desna was able to get him moving again.

“Move,” said Aeryn as she walked up the stairs with Rothus behind her. The traps didn’t go off and she once again performed the healing magic. Even though Rothus and Travis could walk, they looked worse for wear and Evander was wounded as well.

“All right, let’s go back to the entrance and set up camp,” said Evander.

“I agree,” said Rothus. They returned to the cave entrance and set up camp to rest and lick their wounds.

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