Evander Smith-Lotech Part the Second

“Alright, keep that bow ready while I go get a good look at this thing,” said Evander. Looking at the spot where the ‘plant’ disappeared Evander cautiously moves forward. Evander had been walking for a few minutes without any sign of the ‘plant’.

“Good sir, I believe that we are becoming a bit too familiar,” said a mysterious voice. Evander quickly looked around the plains, seeing nothing, before looking at the ground. Lying on the ground was a green haired girl. Startled, Evander moved back a few paces before dropping into a fighting stance.

“Easy, I don’t mean you any harm. By the way, have you seen a fox with two tails go by here?” asked the green haired girl.

“…” Evander just stared at her.

“You don’t say much do you?” asked the green haired girl.

“You have just taken me by surprise,” said Evander.

“You don’t look that surprised to me,” said the green haired girl.

“Well, now that I have regained my wits, I suppose not,” said Evander.

“So, have you seen that fox with two tails?” asked the green haired girl.

“That’s not a two tailed fox, Ma'ud is a Kitsune,” asked Evander.

“What’s a Kitsune, what’s a Ma'ud?” asked the green haired girl.

“Ma'ud is the name of the two tailed fox you were following. As for Kitsune, you will have to ask his owner Lilith,” said Evander.

“He has an owner? What was he doing in the woods then?” asked the green haired girl.

“He was scared off by a dragon,” said Evander.

“You saw a dragon?” asked the green haired girl.

“Yes, we even parlayed with it to allow us to search its mountains,” said Evander. “You can ah, stand up now,” said Evander.

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