Evander Smith-Lotech Part the Fifth

“What if I have friends that will ambush and kill you?” asked Lotech.

“And what if we are nobles leading an army that is bound to show up?” asked Evander starting to get tired of the what if’s.

“Okay, but I still think you're being to trusting,” said Lotech.

“This way you're with us, not following, so we can keep a better eye on you,” said Evander.

“Yes but then if…” she continued them all the way back to the cave.

As the group returns to the cave Rothus is cleverly hiding in the cave entrance for all to see. “Stop and identify yourselves or I will shoot,” said Rothus.

Evander keeps walking as he answers. “Rothus it’s us, plus a guest,” said Evander.

“Okay,” said Rothus.

“Now let’s actually enter the caves, Rothus you scout ahead and we will follow you,” said Evander. And so with Rothus leading the way they entered the cave. The cave immediately went deeper into the ground, a flawlessly made staircase leading down. At the bottom was a hallway, and even with the help of the amulets there was no end in sight. Curiously, Lotech also had one of the amulets allowing her to see like everyone else.

Every ten feet or so was a door, on either side of the hallway, that had stairways going down deeper into the mountain.

“Hey guys, I think there’s a footprint in that doorway,” said Travis pointing to the fourth door on the left.

“Rothus, we found a footprint in a doorway. Think you could check for traps?” asked Evander.

“Sure,” said Rothus rejoining the party. Everyone moved back to let Rothus work. To his credit he did find a tripwire. “Okay, I got this,” said Rothus. After a few moments of tinkering, five massive blades dropped from the ceiling and swung at Rothus who managed to dodge between the blades. “All clear,” he said.

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