Evander Smith-The Story Thus Far Part 1

I am the son of a blacksmith. Two years ago my village was attacked, presumably to kill me and my friends. We have a destiny you see. According to an Oracle we are destined to find six gems, one for each element as well as light and darkness. According to a dragon many fools have been sent on this quest and so far none have succeeded.

Perhaps I should tell more of my life before explaining what is going on. Tarenvale was where I was born and raised. I lived there with my father, mother, and little sister. The friends I mentioned earlier are Rothus Karadrid, Tyler Dragos, Travis Neos, Aerynthia Rheacyr, and Lilith Graves. My name? Well, that would be Evander Smith.

As I said I grew up in Tarenvale with my friends. Rothus was always trying to find ways to skip work, Tyler enjoyed telling tall tales, Travis is, well, Travis, Aerynthia (Aeryn) was always patching us up (she was the healer's apprentice) and Lilith (Lily) was always getting us in trouble.

Lily is a Witch. Her mother is a witch. They lived outside of Tarenvale and most people didn’t trust them. That, and Lily’s father was an Elf. We were like any other kids, testing to see what we could get away with, and learning about the world. When I turned twelve was when things began to fall apart. It all started with my father almost dying when his forge caught fire. With the help of Brother Thomas, a healer who worships Desna, he fully recovered.

Unfortunately Tarenvale, like other towns, did have bullies. There names were Billy, Jimmy and Timmy. It turned out that they were the ones that set the forge on fire; I never saw them after that. About two weeks after the fire was when my father was healed and when Tyler returned from Newport. Newport is a week away by horse and the only true city near Tarenvale. Soon after his return Dalton decided it was time we learned how to defend ourselves. Dalton is a warrior who fought in the Great Wars that were fifty years ago, and was the town guard when people got out of hand.

Lily had been telling us about goblins in the woods, and I hadn’t believed her because there are no such things as goblins. Dalton later asked us if we wanted to see goblins, well if Dalton believed goblins existed they must. So we said that we did want to see goblins. Dalton said that they are dangerous creatures and that we should arm ourselves. He got my father to give us some weapons.

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