Evander Smith-The Story Thus Far Part 2

Our encounter with the goblins was less than heroic. Dalton did all the work and the only goblin we saw surrendered to us. We tried to figure out what we should do, however, Dalton just killed it saying that creatures like goblins and orcs can’t be reasoned with. During our encounter Lily tripped over something and fell. I guess she sprained her ankle because she had trouble walking so I carried her back to the village.

The real trouble began the next day. Tyler had been receiving an unusual amount of whoopin's for the past few days. He tried to run away, but failed. Eventually Travis got involved and Eldon Dragos knocked out both his own son and Travis. Well Mr. Neos didn’t stand for that and knocked out Eldon and had Dalton arrest him. When Dalton went to the Dragos’ place to talk to Miriam she lifted an axe and attacked Dalton. Dalton was victorious but had to kill Miriam. When I woke up the next day I found Tyler very distressed and went to his place to see what was wrong. Eventually all my friends gathered there to find his parents alive. Apparently they had been replaced by Changelings, a creature that can take the appearance of any person. All this before Harvest Festival.

Harvest Festival is Tarenvale’s largest celebration and draws in people from all over, even Newport. During this time I get a break from working in the forge and can do what I want. It is painful to remember. For even though the first day was like every other year, the second day still haunts me. The night of the second day of Harvest Festival, everyone was gathered around the stage to listen to (the now free) Eldon Dragos conclude his story from the previous night. He concluded the greatest storytelling that I have ever heard. That was when the struck. From beyond the light of the torches they gathered, and death fell from the sky. Arrows fell as rain, killing people. More fell as they stared in shock and screamed in pain and horror.

They never tell you that in the stories, how horrible the screams of the dying are. How disconcerting the eyes of the dead are. I don’t remember much after that. Just that Roran, Dalton's student, took us from town and Dalton fought against orcs and goblins to buy us time. That is how we arrived at the traveling camp and met Joachim, and how I met Judeau and Pippin.

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