Evander Smith-The Story Thus Far Part 3

For much of that time all I could think of was revenge. Each us was taken to a teacher to learn new skills, or improve upon ones we already had. What I learned was how to fight, how defend myself, and if necessary, how to kill. Aeryn learned about Desna and the gods and now seeks to spread the words of light and healing. Rothus is now a thief, quick hands and an even quicker wit. Travis knows how to hunt and live in the wild. Tyler knows how to change the hearts of men. Lily is a better witch.

Judeau and Pippin didn’t tell me how to get rid of my anger, instead they taught me how to embrace it. They taught me to be a forge, and harness the rage to channel it, to control it instead of letting it control me. Two years we trained until we were given a test to see if we were ready. Ready for what, we did not know for we had been promised an audience with the Oracle which had yet to be granted.

Our test was to find an item in the woods, it took us two days but we managed. During that time Tyler had been the leader, however he was found wanting and instead I was put in charge. After that we learned that the camp was formed to find treasure. Joachim had scouts looking for lost artifacts, and when they found one a team was dispatched to recover the item. Not yet sure what to do, we agreed to work for him and recover artifacts.

We met with the Oracle soon after who told us our ‘fate’. The blood of royalty runs through one of our veins and we shall restore the lost kingdom to its former glory. And that we will find the gems of elemental power. To help prepare us for our quest Joachim sent us on our first real mission. That is where we met the dragon. Joachim didn’t mention that the artifact was in a dragon’s lair. As I have said, the dragon told us that the Oracle has sent many on the quest for the gems. That I believe, however, he also said that Dalton was not to be trusted. Dalton saved my life, the lives of my friends, family and village. How can Dalton be a bad guy? He’s a hero.

During our journey we have also met a strange girl named Lotech. She offered to join us and when I accepted she kept explaining how she was going to betray us. I don’t trust her. I just want her where I can keep an eye on her and not have her sneak up on us. To that end, we went into the lower levels of the mountain cave that the dragon has permitted us to search. Rothus needs more training as we encountered some traps. Initially, he said that he had disabled them, however, both he and Travis got badly wounded by them. We have retreated to the cave entrance and, once healed, will resume the search for the artifact.

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