Evander Smith-Talking with Dwarves Part the Fourth

“Anyway, how do we communicate with it?” asked Aeryn. Everyone took turns asking it questions in different tongues. When Evander asked if it spoke Goblinoid or Orchish the Dwarf began to get violent.

“Who ar yu?” demanded the Dwarf. “What be ya doin in mah clans tunnel?”

“Who are you?” asked Aeryn.

“I’m a Dwarf and mah clans been a livin' here for centrees,” said the Dwarf.

“Well we're human,” said Aeryn.

“Hey,” said Lilith.

“Okay, mostly human. And we were sent here to look for a magical bracer. The Dragon said we could search these mountains,” said Aeryn.

“Oui, that Drag’n still be here in da mountin?” asked the Dwarf.

“Yes,” said Lilith.

“As much as I enjoy a talking up side down, could yu be let’n me up now?” asked the Dwarf. Evander let go of the Dwarf's leg and he promptly righted himself.

“Right, well I be Durn, and who be ye?” asked Durn.

“I’m Aeryn, the one who caught you is Evander. This is Rothus, Travis and Lilith,” said Aeryn. As she said Evander’s name he inclined his head slightly.

“Aye,” said Durn acknowledging the introduction.

“Well Durn, may we meet your clan?” asked Aeryn.

“Why ‘ould yu be wantin' to meet mah Clan?” asked Durn.

“Oh boy, I’ve never met a Dwarf before,” said Travis.

“What! Ye never met a Dwarf before?” said the Dwarf.

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