Evander Smith-Talking with Dwarves Part the Second

“Alright, we’ll continue searching the doorways continuing on the left side,” said Evander. Rothus approaches the doorway looking for traps. Finding none he walks down the hallway. Surprisingly, no traps go off as he reaches the other side of the hallway. There Rothus finds a locked door that also isn’t trapped. Using the skills he has learned over the last two years, he quickly defeats the lock and opens the door.

On the other side there is a spiral staircase carved into the rock. As the adventurers begin to walk towards the spiral staircase, Aeryn speaks up.

“What if the stairway turns into a slide, like in the stories?” she asked.

“Good thinking, I’ll go first with a rope,” said Rothus securing a rope to himself and beginning to walk down the stairs. Not heeding Aeryn’s warning, Travis and Lotech begin walking down the stairs without a safety rope. Just as Aeryn predicted, after the three traveled about twenty feet down, the stairs suddenly shifted turning into a slide.

Aeryn almost gets pulled down but manages to barely hold onto the rope. Evander quickly pulls her back from the edge. Rothus is secured by the rope, Travis managed to catch it adding his extra weight. Lotech, however, is lost to the abyss.

“Rothus, Travis, You guys okay? Is Lotech with you?” asked Evander.

“We're fine, however, Lotech is gone,” said Rothus. “We’re going to explore this and see if we can find Lotech. Begin lowering us,” said Rothus. Evander and Aeryn let out all of the rope. “We still can’t see the bottom, going to go down further,” said Rothus. He takes the rope from his bag and, bracing himself against the walls, adds on another fifty feet of rope.

“Guys, we need more rope,” says Rothus over the communication stone after a few minutes.

“Okay,” said Evander. He ties the rope to the one Aeryn is holding and they again begin to lower Rothus.

“I give up, I’m going back,” said Travis to Rothus and began climbing up as Aeryn and Evander began lowering more rope.

“More rope,” said Rothus over the communication stone. Evander ties the last of the rope and begins lowering.

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