Evander Smith-Talking with Dwarves Part the Third

“What are you guys doing? I’m trying to climb up here,” said Travis over the stone.

“Sorry, I thought you were with Rothus,” said Evander.

A few moments later the rope goes slack.

“Hey, me, Travis and Lotech are at the end of the slide,” said Rothus. “It ends in a large pool of water.”

Aeryn goes down the slide standing. Evander gathers up the rope and closes and locks the door before placing his backpack on the ledge. Well, I don’t want my tent and bedroll to get ruined, he thought. With his gear relatively safe Evander slid down and joined everyone else. There is indeed a giant pool at the bottom with a rocky shore around.

“Anything interesting down here?” asked Evander.

“Just a passageway under the water,” said Lotech.

“Well, let’s follow it,” said Evander diving in. The passageway quickly angles upwards and leads to a second pool. Emerging from the pool, the room looks a lot like the one below, however, this one has three passageways to choose from.

“Which way should we go?” asks Rothus. Trusting in fate, Evander takes out his quarterstaff and sets it on one end before letting go. The quarterstaff falls pointing to the right most passage.

“I think we should go right, unless anyone has a better idea,” said Evander. Everyone keeps silent, wary for a trap or ambush. The right passageway leads to a set of stairs going deeper into the mountain.

A loud clanging sound is heard as a short and stocky human begins falling down the stairs. As it falls past Evander reaches out and catches one of its legs, stopping its fall. Upon closer inspection it is not human. It is short and stocky with a huge beard, and is human shaped.

“That’s a dwarf!” exclaimed Lilith.

“There’s no such thing as Dwarves,” said Evander.

“Well, there are Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, Elves, and Changelings so why can’t there be Dwarves?” asked Lilith.

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